Sabine Krestel - What is Germany? Am I Germany?- With the bike through Germany!

What is Germany? Am I Germany?- With the bike through Germany!
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„One woman, one bike and a journey through my home!” (Leitsatz)

Über mich

I am a Travel and Martial Art Blogger from Germany and will drive from North Germany, all the way to the South by bike alone in August 2017. I usually do not ride my bike this far, so this will be a real challenge for me and I will be over 25 Days on my bike. I usually am in China training Kungfu or studying law in Cologne. Some say I am a airhead for following my dreams, I say I am a Believer that we all choose our path, and mine is the path of a traveller and warrior. I am not what you would call a good person (pretty blunt, not really nice and sometimes rude), but I believe in things, want to help others my way and fight for what I think is right, which is why I choose to support Amnesty for my summer project!


My Journey is called : Is this Germany? Am I Germany? It is heavily based on the whole immigration disscusions. Also because my parents immigrated a long time ago to Germany too. I never felt quite at home, but I think it is now time to learn more about this place I call home. I want to see the good and bad and open the eyes of other people on how good we have it here and that it is time to help people who have nothing or lost everything. This is why I chose not to support a local group, but rather an international organisation. It's important to remember how lucky we are to be born in Germany, with a functioning law system, that protects us and that is is time to do some good! If you want to follow my journey or more information, please check out my Blog, from which I will update you! Leave me a message and tell me if you supported this journey and I will be more then happy to keep you up to date via E-Mail =)

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